Qudsia Begum
Nawab Qudsia Begum
(1801 - 17 Dec 1881)
  • Born to Nawab Ghous Mohammad Khan.
  • Married to Nawab Nazar Mohammad Khan in 1817.
  • In 1819, her husband was assassinated. Thus, the 18 year old Qudsia Begum became the Nawab.
  • She was the first female ruler of Bhopal.
  • She was far ahead of her times, though illiterate. Hence, she refused to follow the purdah tradition.
  • She declared that her two-year old daughter Sikander will rule after her. Being all powerful, her decision was accepted by all the male family members without any questions or objections.
  • She had a lot of concern for her people.
  • In fact, she used to take her dinner only after receiving the news every night that all her people had taken their meals.
  • She built her palace by the name 'Gohar Mahal'.
    • It is a magnificent expression of fusion of Hindu and Mughal architecture.
    • Today, after proper restoration, it serves as a popular venue for organising art and craft fairs attracting artizans from all over Madhya Pradesh
  • She also built the famous Jama Masjid of Bhopal in 1837. Gold spikes crown the minarets of this beautiful mosque.
  • She ruled till 1837. Before her death, she had adequately trained her daughter to rule.