A glance at the facts and figures related to the Governors of MP makes an interesting reading. More of such facts are reproduced here :-

The total number of individuals serving as Governors so far 28
The number of occasions acting Governors were appointed 06
The only Governor sworn outside the Raj Bhavan Dr. B. P. Sitaramaiya (Sworn in at Minto Hall)
The youngest Governor on appointment Smt Sarla Grewal (61 years)
The eldest Governor on appointment Shri Ram Naresh Yadav (83 years)
Only Governor born in the State Shri N. N. Wanchoo (Satna)
Only Governor born outside present India Dr. Bhai Mahavir (Lahore)
Only Governor recipient of a public title Shri H. V. Pastaskar (Padma Vibhushan)
The longest serving full-time Governor Padma Vibhushan Shri H. V. Pataskar(7 yrs 7 months 27 days)
The shortest serving full-time Governor Dr. B. P. Sitaramaiya (7 months 12 days)
The longest serving acting Governor Shri O.P.Kohli (16 months 14 days)
The shortest serving acting Governor Justice G. P. Singh (6 days)
The 1st Governor with Civil Service background Shri N. N. Wanchoo
The 1st female Governor Smt Sarla Grewal
First Governor to impose President’s rule in MP Shri S. N. Sinha
Only Governor with a Chartered Accountancy qualification Shri Rameshwar Thakur
Only Governor who was a medical practitioner Dr. B. P. Sitaramaiya
Only Governor who didn’t know Hindi Shri K. C. Reddy
Only Governor who expired while in office Shri R. P. Gupta
Governor with a PG degree in science Shri R. P. Gupta and Smt Anandiben Patel
Governors who have been Lecturers/Teacher 05 :
  • Dr. Bhai Mahavir
  • Shri Rameshwar Thakur
  • Shri Ram Naresh Yadav
  • Shri Om Prakash Kohli
  • Smt. Anandiben Patel
Most common academic background Law (7 Governors)
Number of Governors with Doctorate qualification 03 :
  • Dr. B. D. Sharma
  • Dr. Bhai Mahavir
  • Dr. Bal Ram Jakhar

Governors who have been Governors of other States

09 :
  • Shri N. N. Wanchoo (Kerala)
  • Shri C. M. Punacha (Orissa)
  • Dr. B. D. Sharma (Orissa)
  • Shri K. M. Chandy (Gujarat)
  • Dr. Mohammad Shafi Qureshi (Bihar)
  • Dr. Bal Ram Jakhar (Gujarat)
  • Shri Rameshwar Thakur (Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka)
  • Smt Ram Naresh Yadav
  • Smt Anandiben Patel (Chhattisgarh)
  • Shri Lal Ji Tandon (Bihar)

Only Governor who has been Governor of 3 other States

Shri Rameshwar Thakur :
  • Orissa
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka
Governors who have been Chief Ministers of other States 05 :
  • Shri K. C. Reddy (Mysore)
  • Shri C. M. Punacha (Koorg)
  • Dr. B. D. Sharma (Haryana)
  • Shri R. P. Gupta (U.P.)
  • Shri Ram Naresh Yadav (U.P.)
Governors who have been both Governors and CMs of other States 03 :
  • Shri C. M. Punacha
    • Governor - Orissa
    • CM - Coorg(Mysore)
  • Dr. B. D. Sharma
    • Governor - Orissa
    • CM - Haryana
  • Smt. Anandiben Patel
    • Governor (Acting) - Chattisgarh
    • CM - Gujrat
Only Governor who has been Speaker of the Lok Sabha Dr. Bal Ram Jakhar (7th and 8th Lok Sabha)
Only Governors who recieved State and National Level Best Teacher Award- Smt Anandi Ben Patel
Number of Governors who were members of the Constituent Assembly 04 :
  • Dr. B. P. Sitaramaiya
  • Shri H. V. Pataskar
  • Shri K. C. Reddy
  • Shri C. M. Punacha
Governors who have authored books 04 :
Governor authoring the maximum number of books Dr. B. P. Sitaramaiya (14)
Governors who have edited/published magazines
  • Dr. B. P. Sitaramaiya
  • Shri K. C. Reddy
  • Shri K. M. Chandy
Only Governor having received an international scholarship Smt. S. Grewal (British Council, for London School of Economics)
Months in which maximum number of Governors were born May and Oct : 3