First Governor's oath
First Governor of M.P. being sworn in - 1956

After a long but bloodless struggle, the collective will of the people of Bhopal finally prevailed over that of the Nawab. He agreed to merge the State of Bhopal with the Union of India. The highlights of this period are as follows :-

  • The State of Madhya Pradesh came into existence on 01st November 1956.
  • The name of the Commissioner House was changed to Raj Bhavan, as per a September 1956 gazette notification to the effect.
  • The first Governor of Madhya Pradesh Shri B. P. Sitaramaiya was administered the oath of office at the Vidhan Sabha.
  • The first Chief Minister of M.P. Shri Ravi Shankar Shukla was also sworn in at the Vidhan Sabha.
  • All the other Governors and Chief Ministers of M.P. have taken their oath at the Raj Bhavan.

First Chief Minister's oath
First Chief Minister of M.P. being sworn in - 1956
  • Shri B. P. Sitaramaiya was sworn in by Justice M. Hidayatullah, the then Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh
  • Justice Hidayatullah later on became the Vice-President of India.
  • The first assembly session was held on 17 Dec 1956
  • The first cabinet comprised 12 ministers and 11 deputy ministers
  • British currency was fully replaced by the Indian currency.

Other important government functionaries were as follows :-

Name Designation
Shri H. S. Kamath Chief Secretary
Shri Kunjilal Dubey Speaker
Shri V. V. Sarvate Deputy Speaker
Shri B. G. Ghate IGP
Shri P. C. Gupta District Judge

  • The first vidhan sabha elections were in 1957, in which the INC secured 232 out of 288 seats
  • The secretariat of M.P. "Vallabh Bhavan" was inaugurated on 4 April 1965. It is 357 feet long, 210 feet wide, and 100 feet high, offering a total of 2,79,140 square feet of office area