सं. क्र.फॉर्म 
1. Immovable Property देखें
2. Application for Permanent / Temporary Identity Letter देखें
3. Claims For Reimbursement of Electricity / Water bill देखें
4. Confidential Reporting (Clerical) देखें
5. Confidential Reporting (Driver) देखें
6. For GPF /DPF Withdrawals देखें
7. Advance Festival देखें
8. For Duty Joining देखें
9. Leave Application(See S.R. 3 below F.R. 74) देखें
10. Claims For Reimbursement of Medical Charges 49-A देखें
11. Claims For Reimbursement of Medical Charges 49-B देखें
12. Pay-Record Database देखें
13. Employee Database देखें
14. Leave Travel Concession (LTC) देखें
15. Pension Case Brief Brochure देखें
16. Nomination Format for the post of Vice Chancellor देखें
17. Guidelines for Vice Chancellor's Appointment Process देखें