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Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya was established in the year 1964 by an act of legislative assembly of Madhya Pradesh. The jurisdiction of the University is expanded over to Indore division spanning over Six Districts. In Indore division, there are fifty-four development blocks, out of which forty development blocks are identified as tribal blocks. In all there are 153 affiliated colleges imparting education at UG/PG level in almost all the basic & professional disciplines. University now has 6000 students in its campus and total 1,20,000 students in its affiliated colleges. University has 16 Faculties.


During the initial stages of its development 1964-1984, University established conventional School of Studies in Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Chemistry. It was one of the first few Universities to start B.Ed. in 1968 and MBA in 1969. It later started Life Sciences, Economics, Biochemistry and Journalism.


University made major steps by starting Computer Courses of MCA and M.Sc. Computer Science (Software) funded by D.O.E. (now M.I.T. Govt. of India), UGC and DRDO and became one of twelve centers in the country and first time in M.P. to start these courses during 1984-1988.

Professional Courses:

University has made big strides during 1998-1992 by starting the large number of Professional courses and centers as follows :-

(01) M. Tech programmes in Computer Science, Laser Technology, Future Studies and Planning Energy Management and Instrumentation. (02). M.Sc. Electronics and B.P.T. and M.P.T., M.Sc. Bio Technology, first and only 6 year MCA Integrated Course in the country, 5 year MBA (Management Science) integrated course (03). M.B.A. (Computer Management) (04). B.Sc. in Computer Science and Electronics (in its affiliated colleges). (05). During this period, it also established Audio Visual Research Centre (now elevated to the status of Electronic Media Research Centre) with excellent studio for making Educational films and documentaries. Its films have won several national awards. Now this centre also has a Gyan Wani Radio Studio and broadcasts courses and University news for rural areas as FM Channel. It also runs M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electronic Media. For electronic media programmes, it has world class studios. (06). University also started Academic Staff College and Adult Education Centre which have also done pioneering work.


University is one of the first in starting as early as 1991 the experiment of self supporting courses in order to have partial support for the development of infrastructure. This experiment has certainly made a positive impact on the over all development of the University both in terms of employment opportunities on one side and students needs on the other.


University made another big move in 1994 by proposing an on-campus Institute of Engineering and Technology which has started functioning since 1996 and now runs number of B.E. and M.E. courses.


UGC has granted SAPs to School of Education, School of Economics, School of Life Sciences and School of Physics in the University.

  1. Previous work: University made another big stride during 1998-2002 by establishing campus wide fiber network and Internet facilities throughout the educational and administrative campuses of the University. It is the best I.T. Centre in the central part of the country. M.Sc. (Information Technology) and M.Tech. (Embedded Systems) were also started during this period.
  2. Recent Initiatives : University has initiated major thrust from Aug. 2006 for it is installing LCD Projectors and Internet access points in all class rooms, e-management of the University, e-submission of fees and forms by the students, Wi-Fi Campus and Hostels, e-grant of migration and eligibility certificates to students and establishment of e-record room.

It is expected that this move will mitigate student hard ship in getting administrative services from University and facilitate its employees to work with latest Computers, Servers and Internet.


University is first in Madhya Pradesh in innovation and has made a name in country for (a) Courses in Computer, Information Technology, Management and Engineering (b) Its research work in fields of Education, Life Sciences, Physics, Economics and Chemistry and (c) Excellent Centers for Electronic Media, Adult Education and Information Technology.

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