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The University, was established in 1963 and the foundation stone was laid by late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the then President of India on December, 11, 1964. The University campus today has 314 acres of land, 7,81,500 sq.m. covered area and 12360 sq ft. under construction. The existing infrastructure include space for teaching departments, library, administrative block, hostels, sports complex, gymnasium and residential accommodation for both teaching and non-teaching staff.

The university academics over the years has been taken to new heights by devoted & learned faculty members as well the General Administration has also been equally well handled and managed by capable and efficient officers and supporting staff.

ACADEMICS (Teaching and Research) :-

The university has strengthened its departments of basic sciences. To keep pace with the latest advances and socio economic exigencies, the university has also inducted several vocational and self supported programmes, in applied subjects like Chemical sales and Management, Food Technology, Instrumentation & Commercial Methods of Analysis, Neuroscience, Human Genetics, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Jyotirvigyan, Medicinal Plants, Industrial Mathematics, Industrial Chemistry, Journalism, Business Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Tourism etc. Most of these courses have got due recognition from competent agencies / authorities like Pharmacy Council of India (Pharmacy), AICTE (MBA, MCA, Engineering), Bar Council of India (Law), etc.

The university is running as many as over 80 programmes in various faculties at Certificate, PG Diploma, Graduate and Post graduate level. Most university Teaching Departments have developed research facilities of national and international level. The research laboratories are well equipped for the state-of-the art research and development studies. They have national and international research collaborative programmes with reputed organisation like CDRI, Lucknow, CCMB, Hyderabad, DRDE, Gwalior, TBI, Wurzburg (Germany), University of Cologne, Germany and BARC Mumbai. About forty research projects worth crores are presently being executed in frontier areas of research in physical, biological and social sciences.

The faculty keeps itself abreast of the latest development by involving in international activities. Organisation of national and international conferences is a regular feature in this university. Various departments are supported by grants like SAP, FIST, etc. from agencies like DST. UGC, DBT, IBRO, etc. As a part of ongoing research, the university has established a Centre for Central Asia Studies (Political Science & Public Administration) a Quality Control Laboratory (Food Technology), Bioinformatics Centre, Drug Development & Testing Lab.(Neuroscience), Computer Centre etc. Apart from several minor and major equipments in various departments, Jiwaji University is the proud owner of high performance high contrast 120 kV Transmission Electron Microscope (Model JEM - 1230 ; Make JEOL, Japan) with a point image resolution of 0.4 nm and a magnification ranging up to 6,00,000. This is a unique facility of its kind in Madhya Pradesh.

Central Library :-

The Central Library has collection of about 1.85,000 books, 8288 bound periodicals, 2,525 Ph.D. thesis and 214 ancient manuscripts. It possesses a computerized database and is connected through INFLIBNET wherein nearly 1000 journals are accessible online. It is equipped with a reading room that has latest editions of the reference textbooks for the students, researchers & teachers.

The University also has an Institute of Engineering, Institute of Pharmacy, Institute of Commerce and Management, Centre for Tourism and Travel Management, Institute of Distance Education.


The University has about 150 affiliated colleges running various courses in. arts, commerce and sciences.

Extra - Curricular activities:-
  • The Charak Udyan, that has grown over 200 rare species of medicinal plants and is now included in the global list. A Vermitechnology Centre has been established to recycle green garbage of the campus.
  • The University has a SHAW cell to look after sexual harassment cases against women and right to information (RTI Cell). The campus is a "Zero Ragging Campus".
  • Outstanding sports facilities of International standard in lawn tennis, hockey, power lifting and weight lifting, billiards, snooker, shooting, judo, etc. have been established.
  • The university has developed sufficient infrastructural facilities and has organised several State and West Zone youth festivals; it has also hosted National Youth Festival in 2004.
  • Over 5000 students of 97 Units of NSS of affiliated colleges are engaged in social and community services. 92 villages have been adopted by 87 Units of NSS for water conservation, literacy and health awareness programmes.

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