Sh. S. N. Sinha


Name Shri Satya Narayan Sinha
Blossomed 09 Jul 1900 (Shambhupatti, Darbhanga, Bihar)
Qualification/ Profession L.Lb., Patna University
Farmer and Landlord
Languages known Hindi, English and Sanskrit
Other Good knowledge on Goswami Tulsi Das.
Tenure 08.03.1971 to 13.10.1977
  • Joined freedom struggle in 1920
  • Member of Bihar Vidhan Mandal from 1926-30
  • AICC member for many years
  • Elected member of Central Vidhan Sabha in 1934
  • Re-elected member of Central Vidhan Sabha in 1945
  • Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs from 1948-52
  • Lok Sabha member from 1952-57, 57-62, and 62-67
  • Minister for Parliamentary Affairs from 1952-62
  • Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Information & Broadcasting from 1963-64
  • Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Communications from 1964-67
  • Thereafter Minister for Health, Family Planning, and Urban Development
  • All his engagements used to start only after 11 am.
  • First Governor to open gates of Raj Bhavan to the common man.
  • It was under his Governorship that president's rule was applied in state for the first time. Shri Noronha, former Chief Secretary of M.P. was his advisor.
  • His advisor got fed up because of his deep interest in administrative matters and wrote to the center complaining about it.
  • Magnanimous and helping nature
  • Raj Bhawan used to be full of life in his tenure.
  • Started "Manasgaan" programme on AIR, aired every morning.