Sh. K. C. Reddy


Name Shri Kyasamballi Chengalrao Reddy
Blossomed 04 May 1902
Wilted On 27 Feb 1986
Qualification/ Profession BA, B.L., L.Ld.
Other Deep interest in social works
Tenure 11.02.1965 to 07.03.1971
  • President of Mysore People's Federation from 1935-37
  • Editor of "Janvani" for a while
  • President of Mysore Congress during 1937-38 and 1946-47
  • Chief Minister of Mysore State
  • Member of Constituent Assembly from 1947-50
  • Elected member of Mysore Legislative Assembly in 1952
  • Elected Rajya Sabha member from 1952-57
  • Elected Lok Sabha member from 1957-64
  • Founder member of School of Economics
  • Minister for Housing and Supplies from 1957-61
  • Minister for Commerce and Industries from 1961-62
  • Very particular about cleanliness. Used to get upset about paper shreds, cigarette butts strewn on the ground.
  • Smt. Reddy became the hub of social and cultural acts in his tenure. She stayed chairman of MP Social Welfare Board.
  • Didn't know Hindi, faced many problems thus.
  • Traveled to USA, USSR and UK