Sh. C. M. Punacha


Name Shri Cheppudira Muthana Punacha
Blossomed 16 Jun 1910 (Village Ugoor, South Koorg)
Wilted On 3 Aug 1990
Qualification Completed from Marcara Virajpet, Koorg and St. Aloysius College, Mangalore
Other Deep interest in child welfare schemes.
Tenure 17.08.1978 to 29.04.1980
  • Left studies to join freedom movement in 1930
  • Jailed in 1932 and 1933
  • Jailed in 1940-41 for participation in Satyagrah
  • Member All-India Congress Committee in 1938
  • Member of Constituent Assembly in 1947-51
  • Member of interim Parliament
  • Chief Minister of Koorg from 1952-56
  • Industries and Commerce Minister in newly-created Mysore State in 1956
  • Later on became the Industries and Home Affairs Minister
  • Head of state trading council delegation to Japan in 1961
  • Railway Minister from 1967-69
  • Though he had a short stay, he left a deep impression.
  • He had the old-world halo around him.
  • Very particular about the way the first citizen of the State should behave.
  • Important role in improving state of exams in universities of the state.
  • Imposed President's rule in 1980.
  • Transferred a few months later to Orissa.
  • Traveled to Japan, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Yugoslavia