Sh. K.M.A. Khan


Name Shri Kunwar Mahmood Ali Khan
Blossomed 16 Jun 1920 (Village Jogipura, Meerut)
Wilted On 22 Apr 2001
Qualification BA, L.Lb. Agra University
Other Deeply influenced by Sufi movement
Tenure 06.02.1990 to 23.06.1993
  • Started law practice in 1950 in Meerut district court
  • Good at sports, keen interest in gymnastics and wrestling
  • Influenced by Gandhi/Nehru, joined Congress in 1938
  • Elected as member of Legislative Assembly from Daasnaa, Meerut in 1957
  • Member of PSC for 6 years from 1968
  • Re-entered active politics in 1974
  • Active involvement in JP Narayan's movement in 1974-77
  • Elected to Lok Sabha on Janta Party ticket from Hapur-Ghaziabad in 1977
  • Member of Central Haj Committee
  • Member of AMU court
  • Member of Government Assurances Committee
  • Member of the consultative committee of law, justice and company affairs ministry
  • Member of National Language Committee
  • Leader of Indian delegation to Russia on Indo-Soviet Friendship Committee
  • Elected Dy. Leader of Janta Party Parliamentary Board
  • Member of Janta Party Central Parliamentary Board
  • Away from active politics since 1980, though he kept participating in communal harmony and social and cultural activities
  • Member of Chandrashekhar-led Janta Party
  • Knowledge of Urdu and Farsi too, besides Hindi and English.
  • Family tree traceable to the legendary King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. Family later on converted to Islam
  • Keen interest in rural upliftment
  • Special focus on communal harmony and national and emotional integration
  • Deep interest in reading, especially religious books