Dr. Balram Jakhar


Name Dr. Balram Jakhar
Blossomed 23 aug 1923 (Village Panjkosi, Ferozepur, Punjab)
Wilted On 3 February 2016
Qualification Graduation in Sanskrit(Hons) from Fosman Christian College, Lahore in 1945
Other Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi,Hindi and English
Tenure 30.06.2004 to 29.06.2009
  • Basically a farmer, especially a lover of fruit cultivation
  • Applied modern technology and scientific innovations in family business of farming
  • Elected to Punjab Legislative Assembly in 1972
  • Dy. Minister in Punjab Council of Ministers
  • Re-elected in 1977 and became leader of opposition
  • Elected to Lok Sabha from Ferozepur in 1980
  • Honorary title of "Vidya Martdand" from Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar
  • Lead a farmers delegation to Washington for International Agri Producers Conference in 1975
  • His 1987 ruling on role and limitations of judiciary assumed historical significance. In this, he had said that every arm of government should operate within the boundaries and limitations as enshrined in the constitution, should not violate the limits and respect each other's sovereignty, powers and special privileges
  • He has always stood for the dignity and independence of constitutional offices and bodies
  • Centenary celebrations of great personalities such as Pt. Nehru, Maulana Azad and Dada Sahib Mavlankar are an outcome of his vision
  • Able administrator, politician, and popular kisan leader
  • Honoured as "Udyan Pandit" in 1975 by the president for his contribution in fruit cultivation
  • Honorary "Doctor of Science" from HAU, Hissar
  • Unanimously elected Speaker of 7th Lok Sabha on 22 Feb 1980
  • Speaker of 8th Lok Sabha too, completed both terms successfully
  • Initiated computerisation and automation of parliamentary tasks as speaker of Lok Sabha
  • Encouraged expansion of parliamentary library, information services, documentation and research for enhancing knowledge and awareness of Members of Parliament
  • Parliament museum and archives are also products of his tenure
  • First asian as head of Commonwealth Parliamentary Forum in 1984
  • Union Agriculture minister in 1991
  • Chairman of 3rd world Hindi conference
  • Chairman of All-India Sanskrit Education Society for 3 years
  • Books authored :
    • "People, parliament, and administration" on contemporary Indian polity
    • "New horizons in agriculture in India"
    • Recently published book "Udgaar" is a compilation of his views, which has received wide-spread acceptance
  • Initiated the creation of the web site for Raj Bhavan, Madhya Pradesh
  • Established the AMPU(UCC), an inter-university body of the 12 universities in Madhya Pradesh (at that time) for better coordination between them
  • Striving for a unified syllabus across all universities in Madhya Pradesh
  • Aiming for a common examination pattern across all the universities in the state
  • Focusing on sharing of resources - faculty, students and equipment - between the various universities