Smt. S. Grewal


Name Smt. Sarla Grewal
Blossomed 04 Oct 1927
Wilted On 29 Jan 2002 (Chandigarh)
Qualification PG in Psychology (Gold Medallist), Punjab University
Profession Joined IAS in 1952
Tenure 31.03.1989 to 05.02.1990
  • Only the 2nd female IAS officer in India.
  • Dy. Commissioner, Simla in 1956, 1st female to be appointed to such a post nationwide.
  • Awarded British Council Scholarship at LSE on social services in developing countries, with special emphasis on health, education and society welfare schemes.
  • She became the first woman education director in 1962 nationwide
  • Health Secretary in Punjab in 1963. Punjab got 4 awards for national family welfare program during her tenure as Health Secretary
  • Development Commissioner from 1971-74
  • Punjab had bumper foodgrain production in her tenure
  • Additional Secretary and Commissioner in the Ministry of Family Welfare from 11 Nov 1976
  • A new dimension and pace for family welfare schemes was offered in her tenure
  • Used innovative means to influence people on the concept of small family
  • Appointed PM's secretary on 25 sept 1985.
  • Chairman of Tribune Trust at the time of death
  • Believed in minimum wastage of resources, however small.