General guidelines for the visit to the Madhya Pradesh RajBhavan, Bhopal, through the On-Line Registration System.

Raj Bhavan, hitherto a restricted place:- Raj Bhavan has been traditionally recognized as the office-cum residence of the Governor. It represents authority and commands respect. It has an air of dignity and grace. People at large have a great respect for it. Its premises are like a well-guarded citadel which generally remains closed for the public, as the entry inside the Raj Bhavan has always remained restricted.

Opening up the Raj Bhavan to the Public:- In today's age of transparency in administration, people at large have a right to know about any government institute and its functioning. Even the Raj Bhavan cannot remain an exception. In his desire to make the Rajbhavan over a period of time, Smt Anandiben Patel. Hon’ble Governor of Bhopal had directed the Raj Bhavan Secretariat to chalk out modalities for opening up the Raj Bhavan to the people. Consequently, it has been decided to keep the Raj Bhavan open to the public for two days a week except public holidays.

Following are the detailed instructions in this regard. General Instructions:-

  1. A request to visit the Raj Bhavan Madhya Pradesh at Bhopal can be made through the On-Line registration link available on the home page of the Governor’s M.P. Website "".

  2. The M.P Raj Bhavan at Bhopal is open to the visitors from:-
    • Monday to Friday (Five days a week) except the public holidays between 09.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs. for School/College, Student.
    • Two day Tuesday and Thursday between 16.00 18.00 hrs for General People with effect from date 01/11/2018. The Visitors are expected to leave the premises latest by 18.15 hrs in all circumstances.

  3. On-Line request to visit the M.P. Raj Bhavan should be made at least 2 days before the date of the visit.

  4. Entry to the M.P. Raj Bhavan for the visitors will be permissible through Gate No:- II of the Raj Bhavan.

  5. Visitors should report at the Entry Gate 15 minutes before the given slot. Entry will not be permitted for those who do not report on time.

  6. For Visitor's:-
    • Indian nationals are required to show their valid Photo ID proof. It should be the same as the one used for registration.
    • Foreign nationals should apply alongwith the scanned copies of their valid passports and visas and on the day of the visit, should show their original passport to the security personals for due verification.

  7. On-Line booking is subject to final confirmation through SMS sent from the competent authority of the Raj Bhavan, Bhopal.

  8. Visitors may come individually or in a group of 5 to 10 persons or in a large group up to 100 peoples.

  9. Mobile phones and cameras will not be permitted inside the Raj Bhavan premises because of security reasons. They will have to be deposited at the security check point at the Gate No. II.

  10. For security reasons, ADC reserves the right to approve/ regret the permission to visit RajBhavan.

  11. The M.P. Raj Bhavan reserves the right to regret the request to visit the Raj Bhavan due to security reasons without assigning any reason for such denial, if there are any compelling circumstances for the same.

  12. All bookings will be liable to be cancelled during the VVIP visits for security reasons. In such circumstances, the dates will be rescheduled as far as possible.

  13. Parking of the Vehicles of the visitors will be outside Gate No. II

  14. Visit to the Raj Bhavan will be free of cost.

  15. For any query or assistance related to the visit, the following officers of the Visitors' Management Cell of the Raj Bhavan may be contacted between 09.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs on working days.
    • Sqn.Ldr. Vijay Rana,
      A.D.C. to the Governor,
      Pnone No.- 2858830
      Fax No.- 2858832

    • IPS Vikash Kumar Shahwal,
      A.D.C. to the Governor,
      Pnone No.- 2858828
      Fax No.- 2858832